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Vintage Blue and White Portuguese Coimbra Faience Dish

Vintage Blue and White Portuguese Coimbra Faience Dish
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The Portuguese city of Coimbra is located near the Roman ruins named Conimbriga, whose mosaic walls and floors have inspired the designs on Coimbra faience like this lovely rectangular dish. By the 17th century Coimbra pottery was decorated with hunting scenes and a century later, blue on white was the preferred choice. In the 1960's, Coimbra potters began creating ceramics that reproduce these earlier pieces, using ancient tin glaze formulas passed down for a distinctive look that is easily recognizable as Coimbra faience.

This dish or tray features an exotic bird surrounded by stylized flowers and foliage, all completely hand painted in shades of blue. The raised rim and rounded corners are decorated with a swagged border. The underside is glazed white, except for the foot rim which reveals the rough tan clay. Signed in black script are the words "Coimbra Portugal" followed by SEC. XVII {which is an abbreviation for the Portuguese século XVII--the seventeenth century}. All Coimbra pottery is marked with the century its design represents and is signed by the potter, in this case "M." 

The dish measures 9 1/2 inches long, about 7 inches top to bottom and stands about 1 inch high. It weighs almost 1 1 /2 pounds and is in excellent condition (white spots are reflections--there are no chips or cracks). Hand made and hand painted, this dish is one of a kind, special and unique.


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