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Danish Pottery Candle Lantern by Ulrik Lundbergh

Danish Pottery Candle Lantern by Ulrik Lundbergh
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This handsome candle lantern was made in Denmark in the 1970's by Ulrich (Erik) Lundbergh. It is made of dark brown chamotte clay, which has a high percentage of silica (quartz) and alumina, used in abrasives, which give the piece its rough, rustic quality. The upper half of the lantern is glazed in a high gloss orange which contrasts beautifully with the chocolate color of the stoneware. One side of the lantern has a cut-out opening where a small candle can be inserted and the middle is encircled with 9 evenly spaced circular holes to let the smoke out. At the very top is a raised knob with four smaller holes around it; these can be used to hang up the lantern but of course it can also sit on a table or shelf. 

The lantern measures about 7 1/2 inches tall to the top of the knob; the base is 5 inches in diameter and the piece weighs 2 1/4 pounds. It's in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The bottom has three green felt circles for protecting any smooth surface you place it on. Stamped into the clay on the bottom is "ULRIK LUNDBERGH. EBELTOFT" Ebeltoft is an old port town on the east coast of Denmark where Lundbergh made this pottery. We have found very little information about him in our searches; he's been referred to as having worked for Lehmann Pottery in the town of Langeland, Denmark, as a designer and pottery maker. It's possible that this may be accurate, as pieces of Lehmann pottery are very similar to this lantern and the two towns are about 3 hours apart. With or without a candle, it's an eye-catching piece and useful, too.

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