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Art Pottery Wall Plate Modernist Decor Man and the City Abstract Cubist Painting

Art Pottery Wall Plate/Modernist Decor /Man and the City/Abstract Cubist Painting
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An abstract cubist painting on rough textured clay, this wall plate was hand made in an asymmetrical rhomboid shape that accentuates its modernist design. Incised into the surface is the skyline of buildings that are almost Stonehenge-like in their cubist simplicity. An all-black figure outline in white--a stick man--holding what appears to be a spear, is shown in the foreground; it's uncertain if he is facing the city or facing us, which creates an enticing sense of mystery. The paint colors were washed on, allowing the white clay to show through the clear matte top glaze in spots, while some of the other white spots are actual white paint.

The back of the dished plate has three fat, stubby feet, two of which are pierced by holes that have a wire hanger running through them. The feet enable the plate to project about 1 inch from the wall, although it can certainly sit on a flat surface as well. Two sides of the plate measure 6 inches long, while another is 5 inches and the fourth one is 7 inches. It weighs a little less than a pound. There is a signature in green script on the undecorated, unglazed back of the plate that reads "Don" (we're fairly sure of that, anyway). The plate is in great condition, very little wear and no cracks or chips. It looks great alone or mixed in with other modernist art.

***The term 'cubism’ probably came from the critic Louis Vauxcelles, who viewed paintings by Georges Braque in Paris in 1908 and described them as reducing everything to "geometric outlines, to cubes."


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