Antique English Plate Flow Blue Albany N.Y. Views

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This 9 inch blue on white plate with views of Albany, New York, is stamped "England" in blue on the reverse. This indicates a manufacture date between 1891, when the McKinley Tariff Act mandated that foreign imports to the U.S. had to be marked with the country of origin and 1914, when an amendment to the act required the mark to read "Made in...". Logically, however, the plate cannot have been produced before the date that any of the buildings pictured were built. Here are those dates:

The central picture is the State Capitol, opened in 1899
The Post office was built from 1879 to 1883
The City Hall was opened in 1883
The Governor's Mansion was built in 1860
and there is a panel with 2 scenes that are artist's drawings of Fort Frederick {demolished in 1789} and State Street in 1715

So this plate dates from 1899 to 1914 {all of the other buildings are still standing and still in use}.

The rim of the plate is scalloped and decorated with an arrow and ribbon design. The back of the plate is spattered with dots of the cobalt. Our photograph # 7 shows the back, where there is a fine hairline that does not show on the front. The clear glaze is crazed and has some discolorations on the reverse side, but is still glossy. The front is in excellent condition, the cobalt blue color very vibrant with no crazing. There are no chips or cracks--in fact, the plate looks wonderful, ready to display on a plate rail, in your china cabinet or hanging on the wall.


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