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Horner's Candy Tin with Lithographed Weather House

Horner's Candy Tin with Lithographed Weather House
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This is a charming vintage candy tin lithographed with the image of an Alpine weather house. According to Wikipedia, "A weather house is a folk art device in the shape of a small German or Alpine chalet that indicates the weather. A typical weather house has two doors side by side. The left side has a girl or woman, the right side a boy or man. The female figure comes out of the house when the weather is sunny and dry, while the male comes out to indicate rain." What this has to do with candy is a puzzle, but the tin is very colorful and eye-catching so it is a good marketing ploy (it caught our eyes!) The amusing part of this is to see an Alpine weather house that is peopled by a very British man in a cutaway jacket, striped pants and wearing a monacle, and a woman very dressed up, complete with a hat and white gloves.

The tin was probably made in the 1940’s or early 50’s and was created by George W. Horner & Co., Inc., Chester-le-Street, County of Durham, England. There's a partial red paper label on one long side that reads 'Assortment' along with some of the ingredients and 'George W. Horner'. Both of the ends have Horner’s trademark printed in black on the tin. The company started in 1910 and closed their doors in 1960.

The tin measures 6 inches long, 4 1/2 inches at the widest point and 5 inches wide and about 1 inch high including the lid. The lid fits snugly, but comes off readily, and has only minor wear. There are the usual tiny scratches but they do not affect the graphics. The back has a few minute areas of shine loss, but overall it's in terrific condition.
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