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Delft Pottery Quartet of Blue and White Signed Smalls

Delft Pottery Quartet of Blue and White Signed Smalls
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These four small Delft pieces each have a different shape and decoration and maker, but they all look terrific together. Here are the descriptions of each, left to right in the first photograph:

The 4 1/4 inch tall ovoid jug was made by the Zenith Pottery in Gouda, Holland, in business from c. 1880 to 1992. It has a picture of a Dutch canal house and the date 1950 on the front and floral decorations on the back. It was made for the BOLS distillery as a souvenir and was originally filled with the famous Dutch jenever (juniper flavored liquor). Painted in blue on the bottom is Zenith MADE IN HOLLAND and it's also embossed BOLS. Excellent condition.

The plate or wall plaque with the windmill decoration and typical Chinoiserie design border is 4 3/8 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch high. There are molded openings on the back foot rim for a hanger and the mark in blue script reads "Hand Painted Delfts Blue." Excellent condition.

Next is a 2 inch tall mug with floral decorations front and back, made by the acclaimed Delftware manufacturer Velsen in Sassenheim, Holland. The blue painted marks on the bottom include all of the following: 723, the Velsen monogram, Delfts Blauw, Hand painted, Made in Holland and the artist's cypher. Excellent condition.

Last is the 3 inch tall pitcher with windmill decoration on the front and floral decoration on the back. The painted blue marks on the bottom include: Delfts Holland, 8B and the capital letter I with an O superimposed over it. After much research, we're not sure of the maker of this piece but it's nicely hand painted and in good condition with a small chip to the upper rim (zoom on photograph #5, upper left rim) and a tiny one opposite that and some crazing, also.

These four Delft pieces are a charming instant collection or additions to an existing one.

© Linda Henrich

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