Six Antique Coalport Plates With Dickens Illustrations 1910's

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Coalport is a famous china manufactory which began in 1796 and by 1800 was Britain’s largest. These plates date from 1891 to c. 1914. The mark on the reverse of each shows the word England under the crown mark; this word was added to their mark in 1891. (The words "Made in England" weren't added until 1914). Coalport called this china pattern “Kings Ware.”

These 9 inch antique plates are a beautiful pale cream color. Their rims are heavily embossed with flowers and leaves and the center of each is decorated with black and white transfer prints that are hand colored in polychrome. Each shows a character from the works of Charles Dickens.

Here are the characters and the books they are featured in:

Bill Sikes…from Oliver Twist
Captain Cuttle…from Dombey and Son
Mr. Pickwick…from The Pickwick Papers
Little Nell…from The Old Curiosity Shop
Mr. Micawber…from David Copperfield
Mr. Peggotty…also from David Copperfield

Other than the transfer art, they're all identical. 

The condition of these antique plates is superb. The glaze has the expected very fine network of crazing, but there are no chips, cracks or flakes on any of these exquisite plates.


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