Sascha Brastoff Four Surf Ballet Cups/Saucers Dark Green 22k Gold

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Designed by Sascha Brastoff, one of the foremost names in mid century ceramics, the pattern for this gorgeous set of four flat cups and saucers is called Surf Ballet. Produced in several colors beginning circa 1954, this set is in dark green, with a very lavish use of 22 karat gold, swirled in waves over all the surfaces of the cups and saucers. The undersides of the saucers are white and are signed with "Sascha B." in gold. Each saucer is 6 inches in diameter; the cups measure about 4 inches across, not including the handle, stand 2 1/4 inches high and each set weighs about 11 ounces.

While the general consensus is that items bearing the full signature of Sascha Brastoff are more valuable, the "signature" was not always personally applied by Brastoff but also by his company decorators. It's important to note that in 1963, Brastoff suffered a nervous breakdown and became a recluse for a time. While he wasn't working, his company registered Sascha B. as a trademark. They continued to produce his designs until 1973 when the factory closed.

For the most part the set is in excellent condition, with the surfaces glossy and unscratched and the gold intact. There are chips on two of the cups; one cup has 2 chips on the rim, the other on the very bottom of the cup. One of the saucers also has a minute chip on its rim. The set displays beautifully and is a welcome addition to a collection of Sascha Brastoff dinnerware.


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