Signed ZAZA Meuli 1950's Impressionist Oil, Heavy Impasto

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This beautiful impressionist oil was painted by Zaza Meuli, a noted American artist, born in 1892 in Russia. She was known to be a master with the palette knife and the heavy impasto on this work confirms that. The wonderful texture and layers add to the gauzy feeling of this painting of a bouquet of pink and white roses with lots of green leaves in an oval brown basket. The background is composed of daubs of gray, pale green, pale pink and white, further adding to the hazy romantic quality of the work.

There is a professionally printed label on the reverse; the printing is in turquoise, partly faded and printed on paper that has yellowed over the years. The label states the following:

This is an Original Painting.
Zaza Meuli has studied in Paris, London, Italy and America.
Her popularity and success is attributed mainly to her amazing work of impressionism, abstracts and palette knife.
Zaza residing in New Rochelle is President of
Art-O-Rama Galleries, Inc.
369 North Avenue, New Rochelle, N.Y.
NE 6-7080

Art-O-Rama registered their trademarked name in 1957. Note the use of two letters and a number as the telephone exchange. This system was phased out in the latter part of the 1950’s. We're dating this painting between 1957 and 1960.

The frame size is 18 ½ inches by 14 ½ inches; the outermost wood molding is 1 ½ inches wide, carved and painted in matte speckled gold. There is a middle liner of beige linen and an innermost fillet of high gloss gold. Actual visual area of the painting is 14 ½ inches by 10 ½ inches. The frame has some wear but shows well and complements the painting nicely. The painting is in very good condition; the back dust paper is torn in areas and has some water spots. There’s a wire hanger already installed. Someone, possibly Ms. Meuli, has written in ink Zohe Rose on the label; this is probably the title of the painting.

This work will please anyone who loves impressionist paintings, particularly florals.


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