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4785 Vintage Engelbrecht Tile Wall Art front view-3648 x 2736.jpg

Framed Coho Salmon Tile Picture by Connie Engelbrecht - Alaska Art

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Two six inch square tiles comprise this original artwork of a coho salmon floating in the blue waters of Alaska. Created by Connie Engelbrecht at her Brecht Studio in Eagle River, Alaska, the handsome tiles are framed in smoothly sanded mahogany with a natural finish. To quote a description on the Brecht Studio website: "Each porcelain tile is individually sandcarved, hand glazed, and high fired. This unique process produces a heat/scratch resistant tile..." The double tile piece can be hung on the wall either vertically or horizontally with the holes provided on the back. It can also be used as a trivet, then left on the table or propped on a shelf for a vibrant decorative piece.

The overall measurements are 14 1/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches. The artwork is 7/8 inch thick and weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. Ms. Engelbrecht hand signed it on the back and attached her business card that states,"Our effort is to create a functional keepsake that delights with expressive images of Alaska." Both the tiles and the frame are in excellent condition; the double tile piece is not one commonly found.

After working for the Alaska Department of Natural Resources as a land use planner, Ms. Englebrecht wanted to earn a living, but be involved in raising her children, With no art experience, she began making stained glass, then learned to sandblast her Alaska-themed, hand drawn original artwork on glassware and eventually on tiles. She has made custom murals, single cork-backed tiles and tiles for areas like kitchen backsplashes. She sandblasts and glazes each tile by hand, mixing the glazes herself in her studio. After 34 years of creating her art, she is currently partnered with her son, Justin, still producing original Alaska artwork. For the angler, the Alaska fan and the cabin owner (or wannabe), it's a wonderful find.

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