Trent Tile Company Ceramic, Copper & Brass Trivet Craftsman Style

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Trent Tille Company Copper Brass Trivet Craftsman style.jpg

The handsome tile in this trivet was made by the Trent Tile Company in Trenton, New Jersey. Quoting the website "Trent Tile Company, founded in 1882, produced a wide variety of decorative embossed tiles in numerous glaze colors during the last two decades of the 19th century." * The variegated brick red color of this tile has a matte finish that was created by sandblasting. The frame of the trivet is copper, made by hand in a simple Craftsman/Mission style. The rim surrounding the tile is 1/8 inch wide on the top and 5/8 inch wide on the sides and bottom. There are 1/2 inch diameter brass ball feet supporting it at each corner. Most of these tiles were used in bathrooms or around fireplaces, so to find one in a trivet is a pleasant discovery.

Trent Tille Company Copper Brass Trivet Craftsman style full back view.jpg

The ceramic tile is in good condition on the face and has some discoloration on the underside, where it's marked TRENT and T.V. (probably the model or style number). There is wear and patina to the copper and brass, and a few minor dents in the copper, but overall it's in attractive vintage shape. The trivet measures a little over 6 inches by 6 inches, is 7/8 inch tall and weighs 1 3/4 pounds. Due to the simplicity of its design, it's at home anywhere. 

* This is a terrific site for those of us interested in tiles; they even sell copies of the original catalogs published by many old tile and pottery companies. 

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