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Gingerbread Heinrich Haeberlein Figural Tin From West Germany

Posted by Wayne & Linda Henrich on

This charming lebkuchen (gingerbread) tin has outstanding lithographed, embossed graphics. It was produced in West Germany by Heinrich Haeberlein in Nuremberg in what was West Germany in the 1980's. On one side are the words "feine nurnberger honig-lebkuchen" which translates to "fine Nuremberg honey gingerbread." On the back under the manufacturers' names It states they are a lebkuchen and chocolate factory. On the other side is the word "Brahvurstglocklein," which is the name of a historic grilled bratwurst restaurant in Nuremberg. We have seen this tin identified as a house, cottage or store, but since it's marked with the name...

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