Chester Nicodemus Art Pottery Large Robin

Chester Nicodemus Art Pottery Large Robin

This charming pottery robin was made by acclaimed Ohio-born ceramics artist Chester Nicodemus (1901-1990). He studied under Arthur E. Baggs (founder of Marblehead Pottery) at Ohio State University and in 1932 he became dean of the Columbus Art School and President of the Columbus Art League. In 1941 Nicodemus established his own business in Columbus, naming it "Ferro-Stone Ceramics"--as in 'ferrous' for the iron content in the Ohio clay he used and 'stone' because the clay fired up so durable. He worked out of his home, selling locally and throughout the U.S. and never allowing 'seconds' to be sold. He designed most of his own equipment, over 600 molds and created all his own glaze recipes. Per his wishes, all of that was destroyed upon his death. We've included a photograph of Mr. Nicodemus shown working on a much larger bird

4174 Vintage Chester Nicodemus Large Robin Figurine -Main view-1892 x 1909.jpg

4174 Vintage Chester Nicodemus Large Robin Figurine-full bottom view-2921 x 2549.jpg

Made entirely of the local red clay, the head and wings are painted a matte charcoal color, while the beak is matte yellow shaded with a brown glaze that makes it look very natural. The large eyes are incised and painted with a high gloss black for depth and realism. This robin is one of his several stylized bird models, all of which were hand painted. It measures 5 inches long, 4 1/2 inches tall and weighs 3/4 pound, which makes it the larger of the two size robins he made. In outstanding condition, it is marked on the bottom with the impressed name "NICODEMUS." Since it does not bear the initials of either of his student/assistants, we're assuming he painted it himself. Chester Nicodemus pottery is prized today and is often equated with Roseville Pottery. This robin redbreast figurine is a delightful example of this talented potter's artistry.

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