Rustic Log Basket Hand Carved Arched Handle
Log Basket Hand Carved Arched Handle

Rustic Log Basket Hand Carved Arched Handle

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    This large, heavy basket, completely hand carved of a single log, is the epitome of primitive. The exterior, including the high arched handle, is covered with the rough natural bark. The interior has been hollowed out and smoothed; the marks of the tools used are still visible. The bottom has been planed flat, which allows the basket to sit firmly and evenly. The basket has a wide flat upper edge that makes it look very finished. The smooth flat ends reveal the concentric tree rings.

    This basket, 20 inches long, is 10 inches front to back and 10 inches from the inner bottom to the top of the handle. The inner measurements are 18 inches by 8 inches. It weighs almost 5 pounds and is in excellent condition. The watermelon we used in the photos is not a mini--it's a 7 pounder. As a centerpiece on your table, a magazine holder, a porch decoration or a basket to hold fruits and veggies---this hand made primitive will look wonderful however you use it.

    © Linda Henrich

    PYH 4394

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