Noritake Nippon Oval Covered Dish in the Portland Pattern
Noritake Nippon Oval Covered Dish in the Portland Pattern

Noritake Nippon Oval Covered Dish in the Portland Pattern

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Portland is the pattern name of this covered china dish by Noritake. It has pink roses, blue scrolls and a beige edge. The decoration is along the edge of the lid and circling the bowl between the gilt handles. The bowl measures 8 inches across and with the lid on, from handle edge to handle edge, it measure 10 ½ inches. The height to the rim is 2 ½ inches. The lid handle, the two bowl handles, and the lid rim and the foot rim are all gilded. The gilt on the 3 handles has a bit of wear; there is virtually no wear on the rim of the lid and the foot rim. There is some discoloration inside the bowl where the rim fits, but there are no chips, cracks or fleabites. Actually, it’s in excellent condition for a ceramic item about 100 years old.

In the world of ceramics, it isn’t always easy to fix a specific timespan to an item. Thanks to U.S. import laws, though, we can date this covered vegetable dish to a period of just 7 years. Noritake started with a company named Nippon Toki Kaisha, Ltd. 1n 1904. Since they were located in the village of Noritake on the island of Honshu in Japan, they marked their wares Noritake for export.

Noritake first produced dinnerware for the American market in 1914. For seven years they also marked their products “Nippon”, a name used for Japan. In 1921, however, American laws were changed and the actual name of the country of origin in English was required on all imports. The production of this serving dish falls within that time frame of 1914-1921. The mark on the bottom of this dish reads Portland in red, then Noritake curved over their green “M in a wreath” symbol, then Nippon in red under the wreath.

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